The Winds

Winds that can swipe my words Out of my mouth, away from your ears never to be heard   You must be deaf to me I do not blame you – the decision was not yours of what you wanted to be   Is the fault then mine? Have I failed to have spoken to … Continue reading The Winds

The Impossible Unseen

The unseen resides in places most unknown places unexplored In the bottom of the ocean Darkness and coral reefs and unseen waters of the sea In the shadows of the forest Among between the Amazon and places no one’s gone. In space, like the universe Unseen planets and stars edges of the universe so far … Continue reading The Impossible Unseen


        It’s nearly Christmas. Again. Everyone around me, in school mainly, has been distributing presents in the spirit of gift-giving. I’ve wondered why I didn’t prepare anything to gift my friends and teachers, and I’ve excused myself by simply answering to myself, and anyone who cared to listen, “We don’t celebrate Christmas.” … Continue reading Irony