Being One

Being one, being aloneFitting in too much, But standing out more. In a sea of those.Who only see youAs your shoes and clothes. Where you are fromMatters much lessThan what you’ll wear to prom The decision to look prettyMay seem betterThan becoming a little witty The rumors and gossipCould define youShutting your voice in a … Continue reading Being One

Wax Sculptures

wax sculptures from afar, you believe that he is real that he exists as flesh and blood and pain and joy but truth and lies cannot stand side-by-side and when you come closer to touch him, you cannot because of his deceptive, dubious self and if you warmed his cold heart, he would disappear.

I’ll Type A Word

I’ll type a word, Delete it soon after, A sentence doesn’t stay, Not for long Not until it’s been gone. Somehow my words form Reorganize and rearrange Into sentences and verses The clicking of the keyboard Goes on and on I don’t recall writing that Yet it’s embedded there, Punctuation and Capitalization Pretty black lines … Continue reading I’ll Type A Word

How to Write a Poem

Start with a line A series of words that were never meant to meet each other watch them mingle and laugh politely at one another's jokes while pouring drinks and taking each other's numbers watch them go to the movies after a dinner and take strolls at midnight watch them get comfy and hug and … Continue reading How to Write a Poem

Dear Nest,

dear nest, I made you today mostly from twigs and grass but I have a radiant blue string too I will put it in the center dear nest, high in a tree behind a branch invisible to the creatures below dear nest, spring is near I can feel it dear nest, eggs! three round pale … Continue reading Dear Nest,