It’s Everywhere

A ray of sunshine A ray of moonlight A gleam in the darkness A spark of fire Bright green in a desert Bright yellow in the fog Bright red in the grass Bright white in the night sky In a cave, Way below the ground In the sky Way above the land In the snow, … Continue reading It’s Everywhere

The Exquisite Modesty

I see exquisite in the unnoticed mist above the sea hiding a beauty far more entrancing, one that none could ever imagine mist holding secrets unopened I see exquisite in the glares of sunlight never acknowledged being smothered by the arrogant sun no glance at the rays delivering gifts from above I see exquisite in … Continue reading The Exquisite Modesty


Tempting it was to follow her, Tempting it was to hold her hand, Tempting it was to never let go, Tempting it was to always stay close. But temptation wasn't strong enough To drown me I broke the surface, and now I'm floating.

Gone-by Walking

Walking is an art a foot in front of another on and gone step by step down the stairs pass the rose bush into the sunshine across the bridge walking, jogging running, sprinting through the town through the world walking for endless hours being tired but reaching the destination by walking.

Stories Of the Old

Stories of the old, From kings and queens, Atop Thrones of gold, To princes so bold. Stories of the past, From sailors and ships, On Seas so vast, To traitors on the mast. Stories of long ago, From lions and deer, By Rivers of snow To a friend and a foe. Stories of the holy, … Continue reading Stories Of the Old