Words’ Capability

Words are capable of doing the unthinkable. They can cause death, they can cause birth. They can cause hatred, they can cause love. They can bring about an end, they can bring about a beginning. Words are powerful. Words are dangerous. Words are refuge. Words are poison, but words are remedy.

Clinging to Myself

Clinging to myself, Don’t want to have to let go Of the one I am. Clinging to my dreams, Don’t need a backup because I know I’ll make it. Clinging to my style, Don’t care what the others think ‘Cuz it won’t matter.  

My Window

Seated on my red cushion on my pink swiveling chair, I write on my crimson triangular corner desk. On the right side, is a white wall with another red minion poster with the words "Keep Calm and Eat a Banana." On the other side is my patio, and like a window, I can see the … Continue reading My Window

It Was Close

With a sigh of relief, I pulled myself out of the water, and once again stood on the edge of the platform ready to dive.Splash! It was a perfect dive, and I would have celebrated if I hadn’t seen what I did.