Where the sky, the universe Meets the ocean, the mountains, It's the horizon Where the land meets Heaven That's where I wanna go Always looking forward to tomorrow Yet I know... This moment, right now, today Will never be back again So we should stay young Have lots of fun, just learn Living it all [...]

The Impossible Unseen

The unseen resides in places most unknown places unexplored In the bottom of the ocean Darkness and coral reefs and unseen waters of the sea In the shadows of the forest Among between the Amazon and places no one’s gone. In space, like the universe Unseen planets and stars edges of the universe so far [...]

Interior-What Matters Most

  Real estate. “Allow me to show you the interior of the house,” or “Yes, the interior paint job is new.” So, allow me to show you the interior of my home. It’s a carpeted two-story, two-bedroom, and two-bath townhome, with 1 patio and two balconies. When you enter through the single door and remove your [...]