I’m Uneven

I’m uneven From top to bottom From left to right Just like Mother Nature. My hair’s uneven, My nose is uneven, My teeth are uneven, Just like the fire’s flame. My toes are uneven, My clothes are uneven, My watch is uneven, Just like the tree’s trunk. My handwriting is uneven, My strokes are uneven, … Continue reading I’m Uneven

All’s Infinite

The road seemed infinite, leading straight into the wall of water ahead. As the car turned toward the rocks, the infinite ocean and it’s infinite ferocious waves came into view. The infinite rain rumbled on from the infinite sky above. The skies were glowing pink, as if heaven was visiting. When the sun set at … Continue reading All’s Infinite


Snowflake, Specific and unique, Soft and delicate, Cold and free. Snowflake, Floating in the air, Melting on my tongue, Covering the roofs. Snowflake, Beautiful designs, Diamonds and crystals, Polygons and polyhedrons. Snowflake, Specific and unique, Soft and delicate, Cold and free.

Floating in Freedom

The night was cold, The breeze was soft, But it’s venom of chill Was as lethal as ever A wisp shook the tree, An emerald leaf released, Floating in freedom, And a ray of light hit it, It glistened one last time, Before disappearing into the darkness. The light remained, From the light came warmth, … Continue reading Floating in Freedom


Tempting it was to follow her, Tempting it was to hold her hand, Tempting it was to never let go, Tempting it was to always stay close. But temptation wasn't strong enough To drown me I broke the surface, and now I'm floating.

Gone-by Walking

Walking is an art a foot in front of another on and gone step by step down the stairs pass the rose bush into the sunshine across the bridge walking, jogging running, sprinting through the town through the world walking for endless hours being tired but reaching the destination by walking.

Interior-What Matters Most

  Real estate. “Allow me to show you the interior of the house,” or “Yes, the interior paint job is new.” So, allow me to show you the interior of my home. It’s a carpeted two-story, two-bedroom, and two-bath townhome, with 1 patio and two balconies. When you enter through the single door and remove your … Continue reading Interior-What Matters Most

Year-A Collection Of Months

Year is 12 months; 52 weeks; 365 days; 8760 hours; 525600 minutes; 31536000 seconds. Year is, “the time taken by a planet to make one revolution around the sun.” Year is from January 1 to December 31. Year is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. January is a month for beginnings. … Continue reading Year-A Collection Of Months