Ordering from Subway

As a 4-foot tall eight years old, I struggled to bumble through my Subway order: a Veggie delight, 9-grain-wheat, American cheese, all the vegetables except banana peppers and jalapeños, toasted with the vegetables, and Chipotle and Sweet Onion dressings. The enormous glass between the worker and me was intimidating; not to mention the bald, tattooed … Continue reading Ordering from Subway

Buried Deep – Who I Really Am

In the dark, Out the window, Across the fields, Down the street, Beside the lamp, Under the bushes, I was, stained of dirt Digging rigorously Breathing heavily Burying my feelings Under a layer of smiles And hugs A layer of kind words And hands.    


The Sky is blue, As clear as can be, The sun is high, The grass is green, Down in the river, Water is flowing, Trees Swaying, When the wind is blowing. Life is amazing Cherish every moment, Don't do something bad, It is gonna leave a dent.

A Pencil’s Ballroom

A dancer, sharp and lean, dressed in silver approached the tile of the dance floor. From the opposite direction, a figure, only a lack of light, advanced with the dancer. They met on the floor, held hands, became one, and danced off together; a series of curves and swirls, swerving in and out of the … Continue reading A Pencil’s Ballroom

Love is when…

Love is when the red roses bloom to overflow the field. Love sounds like soft, special music playing in the background, filling the heart Love smells like a perfect mix of the scattered scents of each and every flower Love tastes like the swollen chocolate cake at the end of a banquet Love looks like … Continue reading Love is when…

New Beginnings

“Brianna Bells, age 15, freshman at Carter High.” I nodded. That was me. That was already a known fact between the two of us, so why did she have to repeat it? Like she had an entire file on me. Like they do at the doctors. Like she had many other appointments today. I hadn’t … Continue reading New Beginnings

Hope is

Hope is the arrival of spring, When the dry chaparral hills Of Great Ol’ California Flourish with gorgeous green grass. Hope is the first light Of day, when the Radiant sun rises, Transforming the dark night sky. Hope is the miraculous hatching Of a wee splendid swallow, In the cozy nest that lies in In … Continue reading Hope is


A ray of sunshine A ray of moonlight A gleam in the darkness A spark of fire Bright green in a desert Bright yellow in the fog Bright red in the grass Bright white in the night sky In a cave, Way below the ground In the sky Way above the land In the snow, … Continue reading Anywhere

The Remains Of A Leaf

Crisp and crunchy, fragile and brittle. The brown, shriveled leaf  crumbled in a hand, shredded to pieces  scattering to the concrete. Not wavering on this windless day, the trees stood silent, not whispering a single sway. Uttered not one peep the chestnut sparrow hopped to the curb. A fairy-tale sky, pretty blue, cotton balls of white … Continue reading The Remains Of A Leaf

Looped Over

The sun rises Then it sets, It shines, And it hides Water evaporates Then it pours It collects And evaporates again A seed grows A stem and leaves A flower With more seeds Fall freezes into winter Winter thaws into spring Spring warms into summer Summer drops to autumn, again Day, and night Night, and … Continue reading Looped Over