What I Have Learned as a Fourteen Year Old Heading to High School

I cried. I cried because every word they had said was a piece of me ripped off. I cried because I believed them and in all those flaws. I cried because their insults were needles in my skin. I cried because it hurt.

Camping Day 1

Saturday morning at 9:00, we were frantic. Showering and gulping down breakfast, throwing clothes in our bags, and checking and double-checking to make sure we had the essentials: sunscreen, insect repellent, lots of water, ice, foldable chairs, matches, coal, and a tent. If you haven't already figured it out, we were going camping. Labor Day … Continue reading Camping Day 1


Sand, sand, and sand as far as the eye could see. The softest kind of sand-the type where you can only walk with bare feet, feeling the sand between your toes as your foot sinks into the sand with every step. I stood, digging my right foot into the sand, and then carrying out carefully … Continue reading Sands

Dead Sparrow

Eight year old In a pink heart top Sitting on a grass hill Dead sparrow at her left She does what she thinks is right Little hole in the ground Her nail-beds muddy Delicate fingers under the dead bird Laid down and covered   Fourteen year old In a pink sequined top Walking by a … Continue reading Dead Sparrow


There it stood, like an arrogant mountain,  tall and proud. My luggage weighed down on me like an elephant on my shoulders as I glared at the house, breathing in its beauties for the last time. This was what I was leaving behind, but it wasn't only just a house. It was a thousand things … Continue reading House


Open your eyes, And see the world, For what it is, Not what it isn’t.  Notice how the mud, On the damp road, Is less of a glum, But more chocolaty and alive.  Notice how the radiant sun, Beating upon your neck, Makes the ocean water, Glisten with such beauty.  Notice how the harsh rain, … Continue reading Notice

Ordering from Subway

As a 4-foot tall eight years old, I struggled to bumble through my Subway order: a Veggie delight, 9-grain-wheat, American cheese, all the vegetables except banana peppers and jalapeños, toasted with the vegetables, and Chipotle and Sweet Onion dressings. The enormous glass between the worker and me was intimidating; not to mention the bald, tattooed … Continue reading Ordering from Subway