Project Create


A place where you can explore all your dreams – from fashion to carpentry, from music to electricity. Chabot’s Project Creates is an inspirational exhibit, providing all the tools needed for young kids to explore innumerable activities. Walking into this open and inviting “exhibit,” one’s eyes fall on the radiant, diverse fabrics draped over waiting mannequins, an ambiguous collection of blocks to create anything, a wall of pegboards and a collection of tracks to construct a crazy marble run, and the list goes on. 

It is perhaps the opportunity to tinker with all of these set-ups that attracts me to the same duty over and over again. Working as a Galaxy Explorer, I acquaint myself with a variety of children and their families, answering their inquisitive questions and observing the work that they create. 

Particularly today, the workshop set up was that of thaumatropes, which have illustrations on both sides which combine when spun really fast. This piqued in not only the young children, but also in their parents, who too created some of their own thaumatropes. I was especially surprised by a young girl who denied her parents’ help, even in the cutting and relatively tough hole-punching, admiring her independence and determination. At the circuit station, children inquired about the workings of the wires and the batteries, attempting to create some of the most complex circuits and then carefully rewiring them when they seem to fail. The pride and confidence that the children take in their stylistically tailored dresses, showing them off to their parents and the GEs present, sometimes describing their work in specific detail to present its perfection.

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