Dear Nest,

dear nest,
I made you today
mostly from twigs and grass
but I have a radiant blue string too
I will put it in the center

dear nest,
high in a tree
behind a branch
invisible to the creatures below

dear nest,
spring is near
I can feel it

dear nest,
three round pale eggs
promise you’ll keep them safe for me

dear nest,
I’ll stay here today
I have to
to keep my eggs warm

dear nest,
beaks, three tiny little beaks
first things I saw
of my beautiful little birdlings

dear nest,
I’ll have to leave the babies
to get food
watch them for me

dear nest,
they all have their feathers
they look just like me
I’ll give you one of their feathers

dear nest,
they’re flying!
I guess they’ll have to
leave soon

dear nest,
it’s getting cold

dear nest,
winter is coming soon
I’ll have to go
So will the babies
(not really babies anymore)
thanks for being home
thanks for keeping me
and my babies safe
I’ll leave the radiant blue string here with you
and the feather

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