What is summer?

It’s nearly that time of the year again. That time, when the skies are empty, but for a blazing sun, and the pools are full. That time when we’re tanned all over again, and the beach feels like home. That time when clothes become shorter, and school’s out! It’s nearly summer.

My favorite thing about summer? The evenings. When the sky isn’t dark yet, but it’s on the edge. The sun relaxes, and let’s a warm breeze take over. Moths come knocking on my window. No goosebumps, no sweat. The weather is perfect, as that of in a dream world. That’s my favorite time.

What is summer?

Summer is the 93 of the 365 days of the year when there is no avoiding happiness.

Summer is cherries off the stem. Summer is watermelon slices. Summer is juicy mangoes.

Summer is hot. Summer is radiant. Summer is keeping cool.

Summer is yellow. Summer is hot pink. Summer is bright blue.

Summer is the splashing of the swimming pool. Summer is booming music from late-night parties. Summer is the waves of the ocean on a beach.

Summer is sunglasses and hats. Summer is shorts and dresses. Summer is flip-flops.

Summer is late sunsets. Summer is blue skies at midnight. Summer is longer sun-time.

That’s what summer is.

Enjoy summer; after all, it only comes once in a year.

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