Thoughts 8

By needing, this world would function,

But by wanting, this world grows.

Think about it. If we all did only what we absolutely needed to do, where would we get? Everyone would wake up, make money, eat, sleep, breathe, and just keep on going that way.

In fact, there would be no conflict. A conflict usually starts when someone wants something, but doesn’t get it. So, they don’t want it unless they need it, in which case, it would be done. It’s almost like a paradox.

But, in this world, people want. People wanted easier ways, so machines were invented. People wanted control, so monarchy grew. People wanted justice, so democracy sparked. People wanted knowledge, so science was discovered. People wanted pretty things, so art happened. People can’t help wanting, so the world can’t help changing. Better or for worse? That’s for the people to decide – decide what they want. 

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