Floating in Freedom

The night was cold,

The breeze was soft,

But it’s venom of chill

Was as lethal as ever

A wisp shook the tree,

An emerald leaf released,

Floating in freedom,

And a ray of light hit it,

It glistened one last time,

Before disappearing into the darkness.

The light remained,

From the light came warmth,

Warmth that led the

Mischievous mosquito,

Into the fire that blazed.

The fire cackled in victory,

The yellows of the fire,

Fought with the reds,

Both wanting to take over,

But both equally stronger,

The war continued,

Yellow above, red below,

The yellow reached out to

Tails of dead fish

Hanging on a rope,

To be cooked and devoured.

Three men danced around,

With hats of feathers of the rainbow,

Atop their skins of red.

The tribe listened carefully

To the story being said.

Around the fire,

A witty Fox came to life,

A kind Bunny hopped out,

A deceptive Bat emerged,

From imagination.

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