Interior-What Matters Most


Real estate. “Allow me to show you the interior of the house,” or “Yes, the interior paint job is new.”

So, allow me to show you the interior of my home.

It’s a carpeted two-story, two-bedroom, and two-bath townhome, with 1 patio and two balconies. When you enter through the single door and remove your shoes in the tiled area, you can go three ways. To your left, are the stairs; in the center, you can walk straight into the living room plus dining area; to your right, is the kitchen. If you turn into the well-lit kitchen, you will have a two-part sink on your left and the stove, dishwasher, and oven in front of you. Towards your left, there is a refrigerator and the door leading to the one-car garage. Also, the kitchen is tiled with square, one-foot tiles.

If you enter the living room plus dining area, you will see a patio right in front of you. This part is a large area.

If you go up the stairs, on the top, you will be directly facing what we use as a small temple. Then turn right, and in front of you will be a bathroom, and to your left, a bedroom. To your right: a small hallway leading to the master bedroom. The master bedroom has one bathroom inside. Both bedrooms have one full-length mirrored, sliding-door closet and one balcony, which can often act like an over-sized window.

So, any thoughts? Would you like to rent it?

Would the exterior define the interior? Let’s hope not, but it’s hard to avoid. For example, the common phrase, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” But, if you’re walking across shelves and shelves of them in a library or a bookstore, you have to decide what book to pick up by it’s cover first. The exterior, after all, is the first thing you see. But, don’t get me wrong! That doesn’t mean the interior is any less important. The interior is the result, the reward for choosing it. The exterior sets the bar, while the interior has to try and overthrow it. It’s the interior that matters most.

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