It’s nearly Christmas. Again. Everyone around me, in school mainly, has been distributing presents in the spirit of gift-giving. I’ve wondered why I didn’t prepare anything to gift my friends and teachers, and I’ve excused myself by simply answering to myself, and anyone who cared to listen, “We don’t celebrate Christmas.” Or at least, inside we don’t – inside our minds, that is – but on the outside, is it possible to avoid it, living in the United States. My mom, being a teacher herself, has received numerous presents from her students and colleague – most of the presents, I have devoured. My dad, working for a private company, has acquired a generous sum of money to spend on them from his employers. I, myself, attending a public American school, have obtained candies from friends, as well as teachers, and my history class has been about Christmas-time for a couple of days. Now, I know enough about Christmas to have proper reasons to deny celebration of it. And yet, here I am, only hours away from attending a Christmas party. Oh, the irony of it all.

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