Thoughts 7

Feeling isolated and famished on Thanksgiving Day stifles joy. While large, beaming families hug each other on the doorsteps of their homes, numerous people spend the day alone, dreaming of what it would be like to have the shield of love and protection from a family. During Thanksgiving, children and adults alike feast together on lavish meals containing mouth-watering meats and finger-licking pies, scrumptious sweets and sizzling sauces, and having a dreamy aroma lingering in the air. Children laugh merrily and adults chatter for hours, forgetting all adversities and surrounded by rapport. Every Thanksgiving remains an indelible memory. Meanwhile, those who lack such support and luck are deprived of the priceless and enchanted family moments. They remain solitary and starving, without the love-filled smiles that ought to appear on everyone’s face, and the full stomachs burping satisfaction like peacocks when rain pours. Those of us have been graciously gifted with family and friends, should be grateful for such beauty, and we should try and spread the joy by sharing meals and friendliness with those who do not have the beauty of togetherness in their lives.

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