Today: November 9, 2016

Today is not a very windy day. I can tell because the tree outside of my window is barely moving. A plane just went by; I could tell that it was white with red wings. Oh look, there’s a bird, seeming completely black and shadowed in the distance. Oh, how majestic it seems gliding with it’s wings spread out, watching over. Behind this tree, there is a house and a balcony with a satellite disk in it. I wonder what it would be like if someone stepped into that balcony and saw me through the glass sitting at my red desk. Maybe there is someone watching me, I just can’t tell from the darkness there. The sky is plain blue, with scattered spots of clouds. It’ll get dark soon. The sun is already quite low in the sky, I only know because the tree is only lit from the sunshine on one side, which is glistening golden in the sun’s gentle evening rays. That tree tells me everything. It’s natures nature tools.

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