Chittorgarh Trip: Day 1


The radiant, afternoon sun’s reflected light scattered in the clear blue waters of the pool that lay in front of the participating swimmers, spectators, judges, coaches, cheerers, and teachers, present at the U.S. Ostwal International School, Group of Colleges, and Education Society in Mangalwad, Rajasthan. All these people had collected from all the corners of the state of Rajasthan for the State Swimming Competition. I had qualified in the District Tournament, and was attending this event with my dada, dadi, and my mom, along with the rest of the Jodhpur team.

We had arrived here after a long, yet exciting, road trip from Jodhpur, form where my dada drove the one-hour drive to Pali, where we stopped at my nana-nani’s (my mom’s parent’s) place. There our temporary driver was waiting, who then drove the 4-hour drive to Chittorgarh, but with a few stops. Our first stop was Charbujha, where we had lunch, at visited a temple, and our second stop was in Nathwara, which is my mother’s birthplace. There, we visited a world-famous temple, which is quite crowded at any time of the year, and has been believed to be an extremely holy temple. It is told that after worshipping the god in the temple, any wish will come true.


After the long journey, we finally arrived at the school. “So, this is where I was going to fight for the victory…”

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