An Indian Experience: Day 40

Day 40

August 21, 2016


Clapping and Howling


The end was today. The Closing Ceremony. I think the only thing I’ll remember about the closing ceremony for years to come is the clapping and howling, especially of the people behind me. They were honestly horrible. I think they broke my eardrum. The opening of the Closing Ceremony started with a short video of all the different events in the three days combined. At every Title Slide was a cheer that probably could have awakened my dad on the other side of the world, if the doors weren’t closed. That was about eight times that lasted for 15 seconds, and then the next slide in another 15 seconds so really there was barely any pause and just scream after scream!

But the group behind was absolutely obnoxious and shameless. They literally leaned into our ears and screamed at the top of their lungs and when they clapped, it as if they were banging pots and pans with a hammer! And they laughed liked hyenas after they did that and then began their “music” once again. I walked out of that assembly hall with my ears ringing because of them.

The worse thing was not the clap, or the howls, though. They were the least of the problems. The worst was that they were constantly talking for the entire assembly with neither any respect for the people on the stage. Talking about people on the stage, there was this one speech. One of the special guests gave a great speech, with voice range, emotions, clarity, voices, actions, expressions, and everything a speaker could dream of having. He was a role model in speaking, The way he transitioned into one story into another, the way he conveyed his message in the most interesting way possible, the way he looked at the audience…

He could make any college lecture interesting. He was way too good.

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