An Indian Experience: Day 39

Day 39

August 20, 2016

The Real Thing

The second day of Model United Conference started with the issue of what to wear. There was a dress code, and today, I was to wear Indian formals. Okay. There were two things in my mind regarding that:

  1. A Salwar-Suit
  2. A Kurta

Out of the two, I only owned one sulwar-suit, which was way too fancy to wear here. So, the next option was my mom’s kurta’s , which didn’t fit me. So now what? I had nothing. After making an enormous mess out of the closet, I found a top that was close enough to being a kurta. It would have to do.


I was more prepared today, having prepared some more the night before, and now, I couldn’t wait to get started. Well, once I found out how this was supposed to work.

The first thing I noticed when I settled down in my assigned seat was how crowded the desk arrangement was. There was no way anyone could get through comfortably. It was tighter than economy class in an airplane. Imagine! But, I was seated fine.

Lucky for me, most of the people participating were new, so the chairperson was considering enough to explain everything step-by-step, so I had a great start. The plan was to have a Snack Break after the last conference, and then Dinner. But during the break, the wind started blowing as if there was a tornado coming, whipping trash into the air. And just as soon as I got to the safety of the indoors, the sky fell on us. It suddenly started raining super hard, like as if someone dumped a humongous bucket of water all over us. Well, that was the end of the day.

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