An Indian Experience: Day 38

Day 38

August 19, 2016

A Snack a Day, Keeps the Hunger Away


Throughout the day, there was only one thing repeating itself in my mind. Even though I was close to clueless about how it would work out, it wouldn’t let go.

Today was the first day of my first Model United Nations at the first MUN at the Jodhpur Delhi Public School. So, today was a first. I wasn’t entirely prepared for the actual conference, but that was fine, since today wasn’t the actual conference. Today was just the Opening Ceremony. Yet, it would still last until 7:30, after which we would have dinner, and reach home at about 9:00.

The plan, for the 13 of the Bodhians chosen to represent Bodhi International School, was to leave directly from school. We would leave our classes early, and head to the dining hall, where a special snack was being prepared for us, since we would not get anything else to eat for a while. And after that, we would then go to the restrooms to change into our formal clothing. Okay.

To be honest, the ‘surprise’ snack was probably the best part of the entire plan. It was something I rarely had, and was having only for the second time in almost two years. But, it was so delicious, and mouth-watering. I wonder if you’ve already guessed it:


Oh, the memories. There are no words enough to describe the masaledar(full of spices) taste of the beautiful noodles. And the calming sensations of the warmth of it traveling down your throat. Like the dance of peacock when it rains.

Eh. It was just Maggi.


After the Maggi, the changing, and the ride in the car to DPS (Delhi Public School), the host school, we found seats in the back of the cool air-conditioned room, where the Opening Ceremony would take place.

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