An Indian Experience: Day 33

Day 33

August 15, 2016

A Lot Of Temples


As the heading suggests itself, there are a lot of temples in India, and in Jodhpur. Today was the fifteenth of August, India’s independence day, and we were going to celebrate it. By visiting temples. A lot of them. And a lot of us, squished into two cars.

We went to three temples, which to be honest, had nothing too exciting happen in it. But I guess anything can happen anywhere when you’re roaming around with about 10 people. And when you actually experience the forest of doom: if you go in, you never know if you will come out.

The second temple we decided to view, had a beautiful view of a scenery of mountains all around, and to see it you had to go down into some shrubbery. First, my mom and my aunt went in there. The rest of us had no idea what was in there, so we waited for them to come out and tell us whether or not it was worth it. So, we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

After enough time had gone by for us to be wondering about what happened to them, my older cousin sister(didi) and I were sent in to look for our mothers. We went through the first path easily.

Behind us was now shrubbery, and we were invisible to those standing outside.

Ahead of us were two paths: neither of which were pleasant to go through. One of them had, on both sides, thorny trees with threatening thorns, and the other had bees, millipedes, ants, dragonflies, and a colony of all the different kinds of insects there. Being disgusted and afraid of creepy-crawly things or buzzing things, I chose to go through the thorny way. My didi went through first, and I followed her lead, but less carefully. My shirt got stuck on the thorns, and one-by-one, my sister and I pulled them off, and then I went back, rather than going forward. I did not want to get stuck again. My didi continued, while I went back.

After a long while, neither had my aunt, my mom, or my didi come back, so we sent another one, with the warning, “Only go if you’re fine with not coming back.”

After sending in nearly a total of 5 people, (half the amount of people we had brought) we discovered that they had all been involved in taking pictures with the scene.

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