An Indian Experience: Day 32 (8x1x4-8/14: My Birthday)

Day 32

August 14, 2016

Will always be the

best day of every year.


The Day I Was Born

But 13 Years Later


The plan was to cut the cake at the strike of midnight. But everyone was sleepy, so we cut it at 11:50, and then, at exactly 12:00, my dad called. The first birthday I had celebrated in India after 5 or 6 years; the second birthday I had ever celebrated without my dad. And, then I slept.

My eyes flickered open at about 7:30, and I debated within me whether to celebrate my birthday by sleeping in, or making sure to utilize the most time, and just get up. I fell into sleep again pondering this, and woke up at around 9:00.

The plan for today was laid out:

  • First, we would go to a school for the Blind, Mute and Deaf to serve lunch to the students.
  • Then, we would come back home, eat our own lunch, and rest for awhile.
  • And, lastly, a dinner party at Nirali Dhani, an honored restaurant, with both family and friends.

The school was quite well built, though a little old. It had over 600 students, which is a lot of disabled children studying to become the future. Those who were mute or deaf were shown the rotis and served as many as they asked to serve, and those who were blind had to hear us calling out “ROTI!” There were separate dining halls for boys and girls, and I mainly served in the girls’ section. I also found a roti making machine, which was quite astonishing. The man put in a roll of dough, then it was flattened, cooked, then flipped, then cooked from the other side, and then pushed off the machine, where ghee was applied to it. I never even imagined that many rotis being made all that fast!

Later in the day, during my dinner party, my friends, my cousin sister, and I did something “adventurous.” When I was there at Nirali Dhani, there was a military family get-together, where there were the latest hits in all songs being boomed from the speakers. All us girls had our feet involuntarily moving, tapping, and skipping to the beat, We all wanted to dance. We, first, went to a near-by stage, where Rajasthani folk music was being played, and learned a few steps from the great dancers that were there. But, we soon were tempted to dance to the other songs being played across the lawn…

Trying to look unsuspicious, we casually walked past the fence, into the area with the songs, went closer to the disco stage, and started clapping to the beat! We tried our best to blend in so that no one would notice, but really, it wasn’t much of a big deal.

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