An Indian Experience: Day 27

Day 27

August 9, 2016



The thump, thump of the rain hitting the shed played all night, and it continued in the morning. Unsuspecting, I got ready by my usual time-7:05am, with my hair combed, my uniform on, and my breakfast in my stomach. At 7:15am, the usual time for the arrival of the auto-rickshaw, suspicion grew, as he had not arrived yet. I continued to wait until 7:20, and then, it was almost completely clear. Like the departure of fog, even when it seems to be completely gone, it still lies there in small quantities. To clear up that last bit of doubt, I decide to use the phone. I called the driver of the auto-rickshaw, by whom I was informed that school had been cancelled for today, because of the rain.

Glad to have a holiday in order to have extra time for our group biology project. Because we needed to be able to discuss with each other as we made the presentation, it was decided (after a lot of discussion) that I would go to one of my friend’s houses along with one other girl in my group, quite a bit far from my house. After reaching there at about 1:00pm, it was decided that my mom would come to pick me up at around 3:30.

So, 3:30 came and went, along with calls to and from my mother. The rain had only grown, and in some places, entire cars had gone underwater. My friends and I also bathed in the rain outside, with the water up till our knees. We waded in the small river that had accumulated on the streets in front of my friend’s house. The overload of rain falling from the sky brought both enjoyment, and a huge issue: almost all the roads were blocked because of the rain, and there was absolutely no way that my mother could make it on a two-wheeler to the place to pick me up. I was stranded at a friend’s house with barely any contact because of the interrupted signals caused by the rain.

The situation at the moment was-I was stuck at a friend’s house, my mom(as I later found out) was stuck at my aunt’s, and we both had no way to get home. My mom could stay the night, but how could I?

Fortunately, at around 7:00pm, my friend’s father came to pick her up, and graciously took me along as well. He could not drop me at my house because the car would not go into the streets, so he drove us to his house. We traveled the 20-minute drive in one and a half hour. My friend’s father was so kind to travel the long drive from his house to mine, and back, and I thank him so very much for all that…

At last, I reached home, but my mom was yet to come…


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