An Indian Experience: Day 19

Day 19

August 1, 2016


That Annual Excitement Reappears


There’s that special time of the year for everyone that varies widely. And, it’s just arrived for me. August has just begun, and I’m jumping with excitement inside because in two weeks, my birthday is here! This is the time I have been looking forward to for an entire year, since the last August. And, now, finally, it was here. Well, almost.

However, it seems that stress had decided to hitchhike with the excitement. Who would I invite? How would I celebrate? Where would I celebrate? Will I even celebrate it or not? It was like looking forward to something, but also wishing for it to take it’s time. To buy us some more time to decide-more than a year. However, in my case, I had a completely new list than what I had planned for the entire year. So, my asking for some more time is actually fair. Maybe.

So here’s what I’m thinking: I have a party at some nice restaurant with my family, which would be a lot more than I normally have, and my newly-made friends. Well, it’s the only idea that’s come to me so far, but it doesn’t sound to fun until there’s some masti (craziness-often includes being naughty) mixed into it.

There’s this other idea I’ve been thinking about for 2 or 3 years now: how about I spend my birthday helping out those who are less fortunate then I am. It actually excites me. I’ve got to decide. Oh well.

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