An Indian Experience: Day 18

Day 18

July 31, 2016


Elevator Creation


When I rose out of bed, I felt better-a lot better, in fact. The aches and pains had gone, but a harsh dryness remained in my mouth, along with a hurting throat. (My dada theorized that the dryness was because of the medicine I had taken, so I hesitated taking more medicine then.)

I was relieved to feel normal once again, and I felt good enough to go to my cousin’s house, where I would get help in making a science project. The project was in Physics, and we had to build any type of hydraulic lift, either a hydraulic jack or a hydraulic elevator. I had decided on making an elevator, since I already had the perfect picture of how it would look and work in my mind. Being the first model I had made for nearly as long as I could remember, I was extremely enthusiastic to see how it would work out!

The first step was to get the materials. We would need syringes, a tube, some cardboard boxes, colored paper, and glue. We found the syringes and the tube at a medical store. There were many choices of the size of which the syringe could be, ranging from the size you would use to inject a hamster all the way to those you would use on a cow. We got the ones for the cow, and joked about injecting it into my cousin’s younger brother.

We then got the colored paper and glue from a stationary store, and the cardboard boxes, we found lying in our homes. The next step was to make the mechanism. One syringe would be filled with water, and then connected to the other syringe through the tube, such that when I push the water out from one syringe, it flows into the other, pushing the plunger of the second syringe up. What would then happen is that we would attach an elevator onto one plunger, and when it is pushed up through the pressure of the water, it would take the elevator up.

After the mechanism, the best part was left: construction and decoration. After three hours of non-stop work on the whole project, the end result was:


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