An Indian Experience: Day 17

Day 17

July 30, 2016


The Sickness Spreads


I couldn’t eat anything. I ate two small baby bites of a Parle-G biscuit, and sipped a tiny bit of my milk, when it all ended up coming out. How was I going to take my medicine if I don’t eat anything? And, if I don’t take my medicine, how will I get better? So, after throwing up, I felt a lot better, I ate some more biscuits, a bit of breakfast, and drank my milk before taking medicine and then going back to sleep. To be honest, I pretty much slept for the entire day.

The heat in my body was overwhelming. I felt cold when I went to sleep with a blanket wrapped around me, and woke up sweating. My entire body was extremely hot, with a temperature of 104. My head, back, legs, arms, and everything was aching. I felt tired from lying down, and from sitting up, or standing, or anything. The only escape was sleep.

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