An Indian Experience: Day 14

Day 14

July 27, 2016

You Say You Like Lizards?


The smallest of things can cause such chaos. But if it’s a creepy crawly, leaping, scaly thing, ahhhhhhh! Lizards. The monsters are one-of-a-kind reptiles that can scare the daylights out of me. The worse thing is that they are barely visible because of camouflage, but when you step near them, they leap out of the way, surprising you at in my case, making me lose my balance. The most frightening thing about them is not that they might bite, because they don’t, but what if they jump on me? The thought gives me shivers.

Imagine this: You enter the room of complete darkness, and you blindly reach for the light switch. Feeling around for a box on the wall with a whole lot of switches on it: you feel rough wall, you move your hand down, stroking the wall. You then feel something squishy, and you move down, but you come to your senses: what was that? Then you hear a swoosh in the air. And then something is on you! I don’t even want to imagine that!

However, lizards are so abundant here. And, the worse things about them is that:

  1. They appear in the most unexpected areas. Your feet lands and they scurry.
  2. When they scurry, they scurry to some corner and completely disappear. The only thing worse than seeing the lizard, is knowing that it’s there, but not where.
  3. They can jump anywhere, and so quickly that in no time, they can jump on you!

2 thoughts on “An Indian Experience: Day 14

  1. Gosh! The photograph itself gives me the jitters. And yes, they do fall on you. Twice in my case. Once landing on my head and once on the back of my shirt…eek. Wait till you see the lizard tail dancing on it’s own. 🙂

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