An Indian Experience: Day 13

Day 13

July 26, 2016


Lectures to Reality


“As soon as I thought I had left it forever, it came back to me.” That is a common dramatic saying that many have probably heard. How many ever times you’ve heard of it, you may have never experienced it, or maybe you have, but haven’t recognized it.

Every single year since second grade, my school has always prepared at least two assemblies about bullying-about why it’s done, how to bear it, how to stop it, etc. When I noticed it happening every day in my classroom, in front of most teachers, who not only ignore it, but promote it as well. I hesitate to say that the teachers are only worsening the problem because two of my teachers do notice it, and have mentioned it in the classroom. However, I would be lying if I said that they have brought any change at all.

The victim, a girl, is teased, ignored, mocked, humiliated, etc. in front of the whole 7th, 8th, and 9th grade every single day, and no one from the 100 or more students have spoken up. They are almost in it all together, even if all some have done is listen. As the math teacher recently said, “They didn’t do the murder, they just saw it happening.” Still a crime, if you don’t mention anything about it. The worst people do it front of her face, and right to her, and, others who have been influenced, do the bullying silently behind her back. Everyone detests sitting next to her, and the ‘funniest’ jokes are about her. It must be tough on her, but if she is unable to do anything, it is in my responsibility to help her.

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