An Indian Experience: Day 12

Day 12

July 25, 2016

Horse-Play in Bathroom Sends Boy to Hospital

         Reporter: Saniya Karwa


News travels fast-from the event to an ear to another, all the way to every single ear of the 8th and 9th grade. How many times did the story change? How much of the story told to me is true, and how much is rumor? What exactly happened, only those 3 or 4 students involved know. So, what did I hear?

On the morning of July 25, 2016, in Bodhi International School, Jodhpur, an eighth grade boy was rushed to the hospital from a severe head injury. The accident took place on the third floor boys’ washroom, where a couple boys were assumedly playing rough. One boy, (name classified), was shoved and slipped on the wet floors of the bathroom, hitting his head on the floor. When asked how much blood gushed out, one witness responded, “Lota bhar kar,” which means “enough to fill a water pot.”

A classic lota made from copper. 

From the stories around me, I soon learned that he was rushed to the hospital, which is a big deal for Bodhi International School. The event was shared to the school at dismissal, when the students were performing their usual ritual of lining up in rows. The teacher who announced it warned the students that they should be careful in the washrooms. She informed the school that it was a “minor injury, with no need for stitches.”

As a member of the student body, I was able to overhear wisps of conversations that seem to be blaming the person who apparently shoved the boy. I am not sure what he must have gone through by his peers and the victim’s friends, but I’m sure it was tough.

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