An Indian Experience: Day 10

Day 10

July 23, 2016


Rise and Shine, and Splash


I squealed as I rolled out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. I needed to be ready by 6:00, with my swimsuit on, my uniform on top of it, my swimming bag packed, and my school bag packed. Today I would be swimming in the morning before school started.

Soon my dada, dadi, mom, and I got out of the house, sat on the scooter, and zoomed out. Being early in the morning, the usually crowded streets were empty and we were able to fly past all the unopened shops. After the streets got wider, wide enough to fit a car, we switched from the scooter to the car. Not wanting to leave the fresh morning air locked outside, we opened the wide windows rather than turning on the A.C.



A 25 by 25 meter swimming pool lay before me, begging me to come in. There were already five or six students in the pool, and by the time I had changed and worn my cap, there were a couple more. Once ready, I lowered myself into the pool, surprised to find the pool at a comfortable temperature, even at this time in the morning. Letting the coolness of the water soak in, I took a deep breath, ducked underwater, firmly placed both my feet on the wall, bent my knees at a ninety-degree angle, and pushed off. I felt the water flow past my arms and legs. My throat tightened. Oh yes! I’m a mammal! I need to breath oxygen from the surface. Like a marine mammal, I kicked my feet harder, and pulled to the surface, where I turned my head in sync with my arm, for just enough time to breath before turning to the blueness of the water once again.


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