An Indian Experience: Day 7

Day 7

July 20, 2016

Swelter in Shelter


It’s sweltering here. And it’s nearly impossible to stay outside now.

Oh, and humid. The bathroom were we bathe is teeming hot, which is actually beneficial when you think about it, since we bathe with cold water.

Like I mentioned earlier, having to run back and forth on the basketball court does not make the heat any more bearable. The only thing that does is…


Everyone craves air conditioning here. If you are out shopping and are walking on the streets in search of a store to find the most glorious cheap outfit, you will always walk into a store with glass double-stores. (Tip: They are the air-conditioned stores.) Other than the air conditioning, it never gets cold, not even in the dead of night.

The heat reminds me of basketball practice. It honestly went horrible today, and embarrassing. No one else made such stupid mistakes. And I made two of them. It was such a shameful game.

#1: The opponents catapulted the ball towards the hoop, where it hit the backboard, circled the rim, and fell out. I rushed to catch it, and as soon as it was in my grasp, everybody hurried towards me to gain the ball. Desperate to be able to pass, I bounced it to the only person shouting at me to pass: a member of the other team.

#2: I stood at the centerline, leaning front in the ready position, as a girl from the opposite team dribbled the ball towards me. At the perfect moment I lunged for the ball, and succeeded in getting it. With it, I made my way to the basket, aimed, and shot it. It didn’t make. What a relief! It was the wrong hoop.


I can’t believe I did that!



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