An Indian Experience: Day 6

Day 6

July 19, 2016

Class Crazy

I was following the same morning routine as yesterday when I realized that this would be a routine for a while. Today, I was actually more excited than I was yesterday, as now I knew most people. I was introduced to most people in the school, and I had a few friends already. I was also acquainted with some of the teachers as well. Also, I had gotten almost all of my books, which there was an abundance of.

Throughout the school day, there were some periods that had not occurred yesterday that happened today. For example, chemistry, Hindi, and English Grammar would be new periods for me. Also, sports would be different: yesterday I swam, and today, I played basketball, like I would be for all the days I was not swimming.

Throughout the day, I feared Hindi period, as I was not sure how advanced they were in Hindi, as I was still in the basics. When the period came around, I learnt that everything you say in this period has to be pure Hindi, and you could even be fined for speaking in another language! It turned out that they were only on the third unit, which meant that I would be able to catch up soon. Also, the Hindi vocabulary words were not difficult either, which meant that I was pretty well off. That worry was away.

In the afternoon time, we had sports. This meant that we would be outdoors in above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, running around. That didn’t sound preferable. I chose to play basketball. The coach claimed that he was from Australia, but other fellow students assured me that he was only from Southern India. He polished our passing skills, helped me gain higher accuracy in shooting, and began teaching us defense. In this way, 50 minutes zoomed by, and we were back to being imprisoned in the walls of our classroom.

I learned that all the students in my class were crazy kids-always screaming, shoving, and running. I was shocked that any teacher was able to keep them calm enough to just be able to stay seated. I wondered if I would eventually become like this. I chuckled and replied to myself, “Probably.”

2 thoughts on “An Indian Experience: Day 6

  1. I started reading ‘Day 0′, hoping to get a glimpse and finish the rest at leisure. But could not put it down.

    So here I am, a 20 odd minutes later, having read all 6 Days’ experiences, having been on a scooter through the narrow, confusing streets, and their side streets; having re lived middle school craze and order, having remembered the majestic 100 F Sun, and a commute to school in an Auto Rickshaw.

    Sania. You are a fantastic writer. I will see how Pankhuri reacts to your words. Don’t let the ink dry. Know that there are people waiting eagerly for the next chapter.


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