An Indian Experience: Day 5

July 18, 2016

Day 5

Yes, I’m New


The lavender ceiling and the blurred fan slowly appeared before my eyes as I was awakened from my sleep. At the first waking moment, excitement rose inside me like the bubbles in a bottle of soda. Today would be my first day of school in Bodhi International School, in Jodhpur, and in India! I hurried to pull out my night contacts, brush my teeth, and take a shower. And then, finally, I could wear my new Bodhian uniform: a blue, grey collared T-shirt, and grey pajamas. At first, I could barely recognize myself in the mirror, not only because of what I had worn, but also the fact that I, Saniya Karwa, was going to attend school in India! Uniform? Check. I shook myself out of the thoughts, gave my collar a quick tug, and grabbed my hairbrush, a new rubber band, and the box of bobby pins before rushing down the stairs to have breakfast. I chewed on my bread and butter while my mom tightly pulled my hair into a ponytail. And, then as I gulped down my milk, my mom brushed the hair on top. And, finally as I devoured some sprouts, my mom placed some pins in my hair to keep it in place. Breakfast, milk, and hair? Check, check, and check.

I skipped to the entrance hall, carrying my nearly empty backpack behind me, and pulled out the box of my new uniform shoes. Inside the cardboard Reebok box, was a pair of black-strapped sneakers, with two pairs of white and black long socks.

I tightly pulled the straps on, and swung my backpack on my shoulders. Shoes and backpack? Check and check. I was ready. Just as soon as the auto got here…

As soon as the auto rumbled up to my doorstep, I dropped my backpack in the back, and squeezed between a ninth grade girl, and an eighth grade boy. Along with the two other smaller children, we introduced ourselves, and I soon discovered my fellow riders were very friendly. The girl offered to help me anytime.

After a long trip through an auto and a bus, the school was already in front of me. When I reached my class, there were many children chattering away. One girl asked me, “New?” I smiled, and nodded, “Yes, my name is Saniya. How about you?” In this way, I eventually ended up talking to nearly all forty students in the eighth grade before the first bell rang. However, at the end of the day, I had three good friends who had also offered to let me borrow their books to help me catch up on the 3 months I had missed.

3 thoughts on “An Indian Experience: Day 5

  1. Can’t help feeling nostalgic..I attended school for the very first time in India when I was in 8th grade too. 🙂
    You will be amazed to see how similar everyone is at the fundamental level, despite the cultural/social/language differences that wee see on surface.

    1. I would love to hear about your experience attending school, or at least some oc the most memorable parts. Maybe we can compare our experiences soon. Thanks, though.

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