An Indian Experience: Day 4

Day 4

July 17, 2016

Who Goes There?


Part 1:

Everyday brings some new excitement. Today, I would be going to my two cousin brothers’ house. They were always fun to hang out with, being crazy, naughty, and creative. After getting ready and eating breakfast, I was called from the people who lived above us. Being enthusiastic to meet them, I rushed up the two flights of stairs. First, we went up to the roof to play badminton despite the wind. I stood with my back to the edge of the roof, and the boy I was playing stood with his back to the stairs. He served, and the wind carried it high, past my head and it fell down, down, down. So, we ended up loosing our only birdie in the first shot. We went back down, devastated, but found it humorous as well.

Then, we started playing Ludo, which is nearly the same thing as Sorry. Throughout the game, I was far behind with two of my pieces still in home, and the other two not far from it, while both of the other players had gotten one of their pieces in. However, a miracle happened, where I knocked out 3 of one girl’s pieces all in one turn with an overload of sixes. I then ended up winning the game, with the girl in second place, and the boy in third.



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