An Indian Experience: Day 2

Day 2

July 15, 2016

In or Out

I take my first test in India ever today, other than blood tests. That was my first thought of the day.

As soon as we walked through the tall doors of Bodhi International School for my second time, I knew I was ready. The teacher there handed me my test paper and a pen, and placed me on a table in front of a younger boy. The three parts were not too hard: English, math, and science. In fact, I had already learnt all those things on the tests, so I was well off.

After taking the test, I handed the paper to the teacher, and waited with my dada and mom. Although I was sure that I did well on the test, there was still some nervousness within me-it’s almost like an instinct to be nervous before test results. After a wait of about 45 minutes, news of the test came to our ears. Multiple teachers had corrected it and the result was…


I was now so close to being a Bodhian, as soon as the formalities were over. We had to fill out the registration form, be assigned a homeroom, and also, pay the fees. I would be an Aryabhatta with a blue uniform. Alright. I was part of the school now! There was no going back now. The teacher told me to come to school on Monday with an empty bag, and that the transportation had been adjusted.

My mom and I planned to go get the uniform in the evening by the assigned store. Until then, I decided to start teaching my dadi some English. I started with defining simple words, which I divided into categories: house things, family names, colors, body parts, etc. I said a word in Hindi, and asked my dadi define it in English, so something like: narangi would be ‘orange,’ and anguli would be ‘finger.’ I also recorded our conversations, so that my dadi could listen to it to help her remember.

Soon, evening came, and my mom and I set out to find my uniform. Finding the shop took a little trouble, but we finally found it, and there we showed them the card given to us. The man handed me a blue and grey top, along with grey pajamas. After four or five tries, I finally found the perfect fit for both. Then I was given a more formal uniform with a skirt and shirt to be worn on special occasions. And lastly, shoes and socks. Some sweating in the hot changing room and a couple mosquito bites later, my mom and I appeared from the store with two bags and a cardboard box, all containing what I would wear for school.


One thought on “An Indian Experience: Day 2

  1. narangi (na+rangi) (NO + Color) so no color is orange 🙂
    anguli (ang + uli) (body part + slim) a slim body part is finger

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