An Indian Experience: Day 1

Day 1:

July 14, 2016


Fees, Feasts, and Fun

Part 1:

The first morning of my new life have in India. As my eyes blinked open, and the blurry image of the day sharpened in my mind, I felt a tingle of anxiety. Today will be the day I visit the school I was hoping I would attend. Worries gurgled up inside me. What if the students there wouldn’t accept me? What if I couldn’t understand anything? Worse, what if I don’t get admission in the school?! I took a deep breath and shook out the negative thought. At the same time, I was looking forward to numerous things! I couldn’t wait to meet the new people I could possible befriend, or roam about the new school, or even ride to and from the school!!

When we reached Bodhi International School, we were led to the principal’s office, who, similar to me, was also new to living in India, and had lived in various parts of the world. My dada, mom, and I were led through a tour of the three story school with a separate sports field and sports complex. The school was vast, but there was still more under construction. The swimming pool was so large, it seemed as though it stretched for miles.

After we conveyed our interest in attending this school, the teacher told us to return tomorrow in order to take the entrance exam and pay the fees. With this in mind, we left to wait for tomorrow for the decision to be final.

3 thoughts on “An Indian Experience: Day 1

  1. “What if the students there wouldn’t accept me? What if I couldn’t understand anything?” I envy, you had this experience, I never changed school 😦
    How do you feel now after couple of days in school?

    1. I’m not sure what would have happened if I was attending another school, but because the students at Bodhi were extremely friendly and welcoming, I feel quite comfortable(not too much though:D) They have made the transition way easier, even though there were still some challenges.

      1. would love to know those challenges which are not making you “too much” comfortable? BTW, it is not good to be too much comfortable anytime , anywhere. If you are, its time to move on as there is no learning left 🙂

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