A Letter to My Friends

Dear all those friends I’m leaving behind,

I can’t help but remember everything we’ve already been through together. Like those times when we used to do this stupid thing of stealing one another’s lunch bags, and hide them in the same place over and over again, making it impossible not to find it. And, that one lunch when all we did was laugh and make fun of her movements. Honestly, she was a horribly good sport. Most of the times I hung out with any of you insane people, we ended up with stomachs aching of laughter.  You all are just so awesome that I don’t care about the FACT that all of you belong in the mental hospital. Sometimes, I wonder what I’m doing with y’all, but then, I wonder what I would do without y’all. You’re always by my side when I need you, and I know you will be by my side even when I’m so far away. I don’t think I can ever find anyone who will be better friends than you guys. I won’t forget the moments we’ve spent together, or the memories we’ve shared, and I hope you won’t either. Thank you. Thank you, friends, thank you for everything you’ve given me. I’ll miss you…

With so much love,


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