“The Story of My Life” -More Than Just Me


Two years ago, on the long, tedious drive back from a family road trip, I forcefully tugged at my seatbelt to grab my clipboard from the seat pocket in front of me. I shuffled through the mess in our Toyota Camry’s compartment for a pen, and pulling out a brand new, unwrinkled sheet of lined paper, I began to write. I wrote about dreams, both the ones you wake up from, and the ones you sleep thinking about. Being an enthusiastic 5th grader at the time, I read this to my father, who was driving, with pride in my voice; after all, it was quite a beautiful piece for my age. The day we arrived to the protection of our home, my father, a computer engineer, created a blog for me on WordPress.com, and this became my first post. For a week or two, the blog was bombarded with traffic of new posts, shared with close friends, and discussed around our circle. However, the tide turned, and too soon, my blog lay silently in a dark, unknown corner of the World Wide Web, forgotten and solitary. Only on rare occasions was there an update in the system.

Just a week ago, my family and I arrived at the protection of the same home from yet another long, tedious road trip, only this time in our glossy Subaru Outback. Arriving late at night, and exhausted from the hours of being seated in a cramped car, the three of us went straight to bed. The next morning was Sunday, June 19: Father’s Day. That hit me hard. Unprepared, I felt guilty for not having anything ready to give to my dad. I thought all morning, and through breakfast. What could I possibly do? I couldn’t just skip it after all these years of handing him a handmade card, or a small present. And then, right before lunch, I had brilliant rush of ideas. I would give him the gift of words, combining my poetic talent and my love for him with memories. And, what better way to share it than posting it on the very blog my father had created for me. And, I did just that.

That day, I fell in love with writing once again.

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