Penelope Pandora Paisley Primrose

Penelope Pandora Paisley Primrose

Wore hot summer day clothes:

A thin tank top, short khaki shorts,

And flip flops with patterns of all sorts.

Penelope Pandora Paisley Primrose

Had crystal drops of sweat on her nose,

The radiant sun glared,

The music in her earphones blared.

Penelope Pandora Paisley Primrose

And the choices she chose

Were going to retaliate,

Something she was going to hate.

Penelope Pandora Paisley Primrose

Felt a weird sensation in her toes.

She saw a crab as red as blood

And she passed out on the sand with a thud.

Penelope Pandora Paisley Primrose

Stayed there for so long she froze,

Her body still remains

But will be washed away the next time it rains.



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