My Window

Seated on my red cushion on my pink swiveling chair, I write on my crimson triangular corner desk. On the right side, is a white wall with another red minion poster with the words “Keep Calm and Eat a Banana.” On the other side is my patio, and like a window, I can see the world outside through the glass. Today, June 18, 2016, the sky is completely clear, spotless of any white clouds on the blue sky. I can almost see a couple houses, but most of my view is blocked by a humongous evergreen tree. But, I wouldn’t say it’s in the way, since occasionally,  the tree hosts the entrance of a beautiful bird. Usually, a crow or a sparrow, but I have memories of spotting a woodpecker, and a few times, even a hawk on this tree. This tree also serves as an anemometer; the swaying of the branches alerts me on how fast and when the wind is blowing. There are four or five other trees behind the houses of which I can spot the tops of, but this bird and wind tree is glued into my memory forever from seeing it almost everyday for nearly 8 years.

Above the tree, in the sky, every now and then, an airplane or a blimp will fly by. Being, not too far from the airport, most planes that go by are relatively low, I can see the fans on the bottom, along with the color as well. Many times, I like to imagine the people inside the planes. They could be sleeping, watching Minions on their little screens, mingling with the travelers around them, or telling the host or hostess whether they want their tea hot or cold. If I’m lucky, I will rarely see a bubble float to the top as well.

There is about a three inch gap below the patio wall from which I can see a small snapshot of the road below. Through this opening, I can see the action on the road below us. Multiple times during the day, a car will zoom by, and every evening, around 5:00 or 6:00, children play outside, sometimes myself. The screaming of these children always excites me, and reminds me of the time when I, too, would play outside for 2 0r 3 hours in the day. Those were the times, when homework was no worry, and the times when I was learning to ride the RipStik on the very same road, but different asphalt; there was that time when we were restricted to the sidewalk when they were re-paving the roads, and there was always the smell of Sharpie’s in the air.

Every spring and summer night, I have a pet moth that comes to my “window.” The green lamp that I light while studying in the night attracts this. As I think about the solution to a math problem, or try to find a synonym for a word, or ponder on about countless different thoughts, I notice the flinching of this moth. Sometimes, along with this moth lies a smaller moth as well, maybe just a friend.

I have been staring out through the same glass for years, now, and out of all the trees, planes, houses, bubbles, branches, action, and birds I vision, I think, my favorite thing is simply the natural light that comes out this window. The sunlight keeps my spirits high on a warm day, and the clouds keep myself calm on a cooler day. Or maybe, it’s just the simple fact that the “window” will always be there for me.

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