Sweet Meadow

The smoothness of the ground rubbed my bare feet. The bridge I stood on stretched for miles and miles long. I looked down and saw letters. I read the letters and wondered aloud, “What does H-E-R-S-H-E-Y spell?”. I thought about it for a while and exclaimed, ” Aha’ A Hershey’s chocolate bar ! ” But why was it in the middle of nowhere and so long. “Most likely, it would taste bland, ” I thought, but when I bent down to lick it, I decided it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever tested. I began to crave for the chocolate bar, and started nibbling on the edges. When my stomach could take no more, I desired for a drink. Just then it occurred to me that I was standing on a bridge. So, shouldn’t there be water below? I looked down, but to my surprise, instead of finding water down there, I saw yellow liquid flowing below. I asked out loud, ” What could that be?” I just stood on the spot and wondered. Suddenly I started laughing at my self, of course nobody would answer my question. So, to find out for myself I strutted to the end of the bridge and sat at the bank. I cupped my hands and scooped up some of the liquid. I sipped a lille and carefully swallowed it. It was sweet , sour lemonade !!!. I screeched with jubilation. I drank up all that was in my hand and some …..

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