The Wonders of Math

Math has its own beauty. In mathematics, people have created awesome forums, theorems, and proofs and it is a wonder how everything in math relates. Without mathematics, we wouldn’t have any of the technology that we have today. I believe that we can solve any problem in the world using math. Math was born before there was anything in the world. And this is why I simply love mathematics.

Mathematics is colossal. There are numerous divisions in it, and though I have not tried all of them, I am sure that I enjoy algebra and geometry the most. In algebra, there is one certain answer to every problem, but millions different ways to get there. In geometry, there are brilliant explanations for brilliant theorems along with its corollaries. Its pleasure to sketch an image in my mind to solve a specific problem. Its an Art !!

Like fingerprints, each problem is unique and they come in millions of various types. My favorite is a problem taken from USAMTS, “The interior angles of a convex polygon from an arithmetic progression with a common difference of 4 degrees. Determine the number of sides of the polygon if its largest interior angle is 172 degrees.” The problem involves both algebra and geometry. I enjoyed this problem because it had a systematic way to reach near to solution and I could apply lots of new concepts that I recently learned. This problem took me through a lot of thinking, and when I finally found the solution after much persistence, I felt a surge of pride and relief 🙂

Everyone goes through numerous experiences that involve math in their life, and I’ve had mine. My most memorable math experience yet is during the 2014-15 MathCounts competition. I had been selected with 3 others, to represent my school Forest Park. The different types of tests in the competition triggered me to work hard and use every concept, formula, and lots of common knowledge to solve problems.It was delightful to be able to solve most of the problems. The team round was very helpful and enjoyable to work with other to solve challenging problems. I have also participated many other local, state and national level competitions. Last year, I did the AMC 10B for the first time and scored 106.5, top score for 6th grade FUSS. I have won 3rd place individually and 2nd place as team in math league state competition. I was selected for national but could not travel. I scored 21 and 23 in AMC8 during last 2 competitions. I have been active participant of school math activities and attend Math Olympiad. At Home, after 2 years of my Dad’s coaching, I am doing self studies and following Art of Problem solving (Algebra, Number Theory, Counting, Geometry). Occasionally I also enjoy reading Kiselev’s Geometry books and love doing puzzles from Moscow Puzzle book by Boris A Kordemsky.

In math, people are constantly making new discoveries. The world of math is growing and continue to spread inter other subjects as well. My hope, when I join this circle, is to expand my knowledge of the this wondrous subject, and introduce fresh concepts to the world of math.

“Mathematics is the gate and key to the sciences” – Roger Bacon

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