Nowhere To Go

Where do you go after school or after any classes? Probably home, right? You may take your home for granted, but as of 2011-2012, there are about 1.2 million students in the United States, mostly in New York, Texas, California, and Florida, who have nowhere to go. These only include those who go to school, but overall including all the youth, there about 2 million who have no place to call home. They’re homeless.

Most of these children are teenagers and high-schoolers, who have either ran away because of abuse, drugs, poverty, and violence, been kicked out by their families for being disapproved, or are orphans but to old to be in foster care. At daytime, many of the teenagers go to school or college. However, to survive at night, these teenagers sleep on friends’ couches, find a place at a shelter(if they are lucky), or go unsheltered, sleeping on park benches, in tunnel slides, and many other places. Finding food is a overwhelming job, and they may eat at a shelter or steal food, if they are able to get any food at all.

Homelessness in youth is not quite new to this country. The “boxcar” children, during the Great Depression in the 1930s, were also homeless and rode freight trains to find a job. Fortunately, Obama has attempted to help by forming the Opening Doors plan in 2010, trying to end homelessness in the United States by 2020. They pledged to pay $5 billion in 2014 itself!

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