Lost in the woods

The bright summer sun stretched its radiant light across the clear, blue sky. My family and I were hiking throughout majestic redwood trees. I scurried ahead of my panting parents, when I noticed I had come to a starling dead end. I swiveled around, and to my surprise the path was gone ! My heart beat quickened. My pupils scanned the trees, but the rest of my body was paralyzed with fear. My mouth fell open and I felt my lungs stop working. The whole world was spinning around me.

When I finally got over my terrorizing moment of fear , I reluctantly entered the deep forest. I figured that I may be trapped in deadly forest for quite a while. As I tip-toed into the forest looking for any sign of sunlight through the canopy. The light flickered and reflected the leaves. All of a sudden, I heard a faint noise. I froze in my steps. Listening carefully, I realized it was the sound of footsteps. I panted, knowing that if by any chance that was a grizzly bear;s footsteps, I would be gone. I froze there, stranded, alone, with grizzly bear approaching ………

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