Far away it the lands unknown, I stood, head drooped; my pride shrouded. No one stood as danger awaits but I alone could not budge. Not only was I trapped, but my confidence all dumped out like a banana in the compost. Above me, the blueness of the sky in my homeland, had turned to gloomy gray. Drip, Drip, Drip. Tiny drops of water fell from the sky. The cliff, below my feet with sharp rocks and hinges like knives, could have stab by knees but thanks to the rain, I had halted.

I looked down the cliff and all I saw was a great mass of water. I was sure that below in the water, lurking in the darkness, were many dangerous creatures. I glanced straight ahead. I saw an another cliff about only three yards away. I was pretty sure I could jump that, I slowly took five huge steps back, focused my eyes on to the other cliff, and charged! I ran like the wind, a huge leap. I felt the wind rushing against my face, and THUMP !! I safely landed. ESCAPE !!!

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