The Glance of the Humpback Whale

     “Awesome!!!!” That is what almost everybody on the double-floored cruise ship said when we saw prodigious grey back pop out of the brilliant, blue water. It was a cool, rainy noon in the August of Alaska when we were taking a cruise ship tour of an ancient glacier. We were seated in our cozy seats on the second floor. On the way we saw an amazing, humongous mammal. A HUMBACK WHALE!!!

     We were on a cruise ship in Seward, Alaska when we heard a “Stop!” I wondered, “What was it?” since I knew it was some wildlife. I heard the rumbling noise of the motor lazily slowing down. Then I felt a jerk of the cruise ship rapidly stopping. I was peacefully seated inside with the warmth spread around me, and the stop had broken the peaceful relaxation. Now everybody was all eyes and ears searching for something. My dad was the first one to find the wildlife which turned out to be a humpback whale! When the humpback whale was spotted, everybody was rushing and dashing to the cold, rainy outdoors to see the rare whale as its back slowly emerged out of the water. When I went outside to enjoy this moment like all the others, I felt like I was taking bath in ice that just came out of the freezer. The wind rushed against my face and cold sharp rain drops dripped quietly on my rain coat.

     I squeezed my way to the front of the crowd and the aroma of the fresh, blue water spread. Then came ripples and then an enormous, grey back of a humpback whale came pushing its way out. It seemed about the size of a few elephants standing trunk to tail. Its smooth, slippery skin had a bright glare as the dull sun reflected off of its back.  A sprouting noise was heard as a spray of water gushed out. As the water sprayed out, small ripples surrounded it. But as the humpback whale sluggishly sank back inside the water a huge ripple formed.  I heard voices of “Shhh, or else it’ll swim away!” 

     After loads of great photographs the crowd started departing. Now the crowd wasn’t very much like a crowd, just a scatter of people. The humpback whale was nowhere to be seen.The roaring sound of the motor could be heard all over again. I knew we were back on the route to see the great glacier. I though to myself, “Good bye, Humpback whale!” As I walked into the peaceful indoors, I felt the warmth soothing me. I exclaimed to my dad, “That was the best and coolest thing ever!” I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends about this moment.

     Alaska has an elegant landscape and its waters are full of astonishing wildlife but it is also frigid there. We are very fortunate to have this mil weather in California. I’m also delighted that I finally got to visit Alaska and got to travel on a cruise ship.


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