Home Sweet Home

      It was a glistening morning for the radiant sun was brightly glimmering above the white, puffy clouds and all the animals were dancing to the tune of the beautiful birds, deep in the gentle meadow, up high in the arrogant mountains. Down in the valley, the blue river flowed to the rhythm of the precious breeze. It shone like a diamond under the rays of sunlight. Tiny ripples spread out, carrying me away to where I belong. From where I stand, the road sways dodging the mountains. But behind the road, behind the mountains , and behind the valley , I know there is someplace. Someplace that can only be dreamt of…

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Sania, it is great to see you write amazing poems along with being math olumpian and great swimmer.

    Wish you all the best, please continue your writing, it really has power in it… You showed the valley to me, made me realize what friends are and above all encouraged me to fight for my dreams which came just a while ago 🙂

  2. You made my day. I started the morning with this rendition of a dream that is bubbling into reality. I smiled, and thanked humanity for there is hope; there is light. You have started on an enlightening journey that will elevate everyone around you.

    Well done. Shabaas bete!

  3. Way to go Sanion! I loved this one in particular. While reading your article I could visualize the serene and tranquil scenery that you were expressing and wished I can see that someday too, the way you see it.. I also like how objective you are with your thoughts and the way you ended your article. Looking forward to many more wonderful writings from you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great sanion, Glad you could find this. I still remember our death valley trip where you first wrote this. Quite a good start, We do have some photos to go with it. Looking more to come

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