Where they can carry you

Dreams. They’re what awake you, tuck you in and fly you away. Dreams. They’re what leads you, stop you, and stay with you forever. And nobody, not you, not your loved ones, and not your revivals, can shatter them. Strong and demanding, you can’t keep them shy for long. They will soon break through all else and command you. You will follow them, and once you reach the end, pride will pour over you like rain where no umbrella strong enough to hold it back. Winds of happiness, strong enough to push down stubborn trees, will wipe away the rock of sadness. The sunshine will brighten your mind, and nobody will, or can, stop you. You can call yourself happy. But only for a moment….’cause then another dream will enter you, a bigger, a better, an I’MPOSSIBLE one, but it will stay. And trust me, you WILL reach the end………

3 thoughts on “Where they can carry you

  1. Saniya! Congratulations on your very first blog. Your writing is so fresh and crisp. Very organic in style and has a natural flow…I totally enjoyed reading it.

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