The Remains Of A Leaf

Crisp and crunchy, fragile and brittle. The brown, shriveled leaf  crumbled in a hand, shredded to pieces  scattering to the concrete. Not wavering on this windless day, the trees stood silent, not whispering a single sway. Uttered not one peep the chestnut sparrow hopped to the curb. A fairy-tale sky, pretty blue, cotton balls of white [...]

Looped Over

The sun rises Then it sets, It shines, And it hides Water evaporates Then it pours It collects And evaporates again A seed grows A stem and leaves A flower With more seeds Fall freezes into winter Winter thaws into spring Spring warms into summer Summer drops to autumn, again Day, and night Night, and [...]


It's hard to hear, But someone inside you, It's calling for someone, To change your blue hue. It's asking for a pal, It knows you're in need. It knows you need help, Just to succeed. You must pay heed, And seek out one, Who will stick your site, No matter what you have done. You [...]


Like a breath of air After holding it A warm fire's glare On numb fingers Like jumping into water In summer Watching cookies get hotter To enjoy them Like a gentle breeze When you're sweating A satisfying sneeze After pepper.